Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Day in the Life

Having grown up in a large family (I'm the oldest of eight children) I sorta knew what I was getting into, having a large family of my own.

Yesterday started out as pretty uneventful...the kids slept in and I was able to "do some stuff" on the computer...yeah, you and get caught up on other blogs. :) Important stuff, okay?

So we had a leisurely breakfast and started to get ready to go to the ski hill for the afternoon. My daughter, Felicity and her band "Fliss" were going to be playing there, and so we were all going to take in the show. The older kids had gone ahead with her to get started on the snowboarding and skiing while she set up her band equipment.

I was in the shower when my husband yells out "Sebastian's hurt...he's on his way to the hospital in the ambulance". Well, you can imagine what was running through my head at this point. Or maybe you can't. You see, Sebastian is our dare-devil. His favourite things to do are lighting things on fire, trying to blow things up, jumping off high things....and doing these CRAZY 10-15 foot jumps and flips with his snowboard!

So I quickly dress myself, while instructing the other children through our bedroom door to get their outdoor stuff on and get out to the! We fly to the ski hill...Sebastian has already gone. The kids and I stay there while my husband goes on to the hospital.

Felicity's band is set up to play outside. The sun is warm on our faces, the music is catchy and fun...the little ones are dancing along...a perfect afternoon.

If only my stomach wasn't in such knots. Word comes from my husband that Sebastian is being "air-lifted" to the Children's Hospital in Ottawa and that he has a head injury...not sure how bad.

To make a long story short...Sebastian is fine...he has a neck brace that he has to leave on for two weeks and he has to refrain from physical activity...yeah right...good luck with that one! Feel sorry for me, please, trying to keep HIM busy!

Felicity's performance went off without a hitch. Another very proud moment for momma.

And I am tired. Are all days this crazy exciting in a big family? Not all...but put it this way...I am NEVER bored. :)