Sunday, March 13, 2011

Conquering the Mountain

Yesterday was the first official day of March break. The kids have been eagerly anticipating this day for weeks. Me, well, I have been a little more "apprehensive" shall we say. :) The weather is still "wettish" and unpredictable...what on earth am I going to do with these little bundles of energy for 9 days?

I got to talking with my friend and she said that she had planned one little outing for each day of the week. Something for the kids (and mom) to look forward to. Great advice! So much better to make proactive plans like that than reactive ones like "how about you guys go sit on a wet snowbank for an hour, and make your own fun?"...and start into those stories of "when I was a kid we used to trudge though 2 feet of snow to the back 40...blah blah blah" know the ones I mean. :)

So...I dusted off my old ski boots and took two of my children to our local ski hill yesterday. You should have seen the look of surprise on the guys face as he helped my daughter and I onto the ski lift.

I tried to look all confident...praying I wouldn't fall on my butt as I rode that silly contraption up the hill. My heart was in my throat, but my six year old and I made it safely to the incidents! Yay! This was going well.

Then we got to to the top of the mountain (I use that term lightly, it's really more like a small hill), and I had to take a deep breath. This was higher than I remembered. "Ok Meg, let's go" I said with more confidence than I felt. She was looking at me for cues. I couldn't panic. Besides, what goes up, must come down...right?

So away we went...and to make a long story short, we had a WONDERFUL time!! The weather was perfect...we made it up and down the hill multiple times with no huge incidences, and we now have memories that will last a lifetime!

My legs are rebelling a bit this morning having rediscovered muscles I haven't used in a while, but I feel good about making fun memories with my kids, trying something new, being good to my body and conquering my fears.

I'm actually excited about March break now. I'm more in the thinking "what adventure can we embark on today?", instead of "how can I keep from going crazy"? I've promised the kids we'd unearth our scrapbook photo albums and get creative.

I have heart palpitations thinking of all the work and mess involved...but I also know that sometimes we have to conquer those "mountains of fear" and forge out into uncomfortable territory in order to really live the life we want.


  1. Is there a space where you can work away at those scrapbooks where they can sit undisturbed between sessions? We always do everything at the kitchen table, then have to clear it off for meals...everything ends up on the woodstove, the counters, the get the picture. I dream of a studio space where I can leave my work undisturbed!! Can't wait to hear about the scrapbooks! Oh, and way to go on the ski hill...I'm sure you looked like a pro!

  2. We do have a perfect spot in the basement...a play room/sewing room. Ya, I know, the two don't really go together in many ways, but it's the only way we both get to do what we want at the same time. Alas, at this time that workspace is covered in Waldorf dolls in various stages of completion :) Needless to say, my house looks like a bomb went off, but we're having lots of fun!