Friday, May 11, 2012

a mother's love

This painting evokes fond memories of me sitting beside my mother as a child watching...learning. There was something so comforting in watching her hands move rhythmically as she knit up a sweater, or smocked a sweet pinafore for one of us girls. I was always in awe to see her turn a simple ball of yarn, or a scrap of fabric into something not only useful, but beautiful!

As the years went by, she taught me how to do these things, too...and we would sit side by side, she with swift movements and absolute with pricked fingers, loose strings and uneven stitches. But she was ever so patient, and being near to mom, being just like mom was all that mattered to that little girl that I was...and so I kept on.

She allowed me complete access to her sewing room. From the huge trunk of brightly coloured fabrics, to the funky vintage laces and trims, to the hand dyed wools...all was mine to delve into and create with! What a generous and patient woman. But she understood the excitement and passion that I felt in being creative and working with my hands, because she felt it too, and she wanted to nurture it.

To this day, we thoroughly enjoy sitting side by side with our knitting or sewing. Often with a cup of coffee or glass of wine...talking excitedly about our next project idea, or sharing our heart.

I am ever so grateful to my mother for nurturing this creative passion in me...for fanning those sparks when she could have so easily quenched them instead.  Creativity usually involves mess, and most moms (including myself) really dislike mess. I catch myself telling my you can't play with the playdough. It's too messy. And then I remember my mother and all she did for me, and I get out not only the playdough, but the paints and markers as well!

I am pleased and delighted to announce that my mom, whom my kids know as "Grandma Posie" is now making clothes for my luvkin Waldorf dolls. They can be found in my Etsy shop called "luvkin". She also is making children's clothing which are listed in my Etsy shop called Handmaiden Canada. I am very excited to be embarking on this adventure with her! I look forward to many more days of creating together!

"Grandma Posie's" handmade dolly clothes, swaying in the breeze!