Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live Life Joyously

This is the birthday card that arrived in the mail for me a few weeks ago. It couldn't have been more appropriate or timely. Why, you say? Oh yes, because I was feeling the epitome of JOY, right? People who know me would probably describe me as bubbly...but for some reason, January was not a very "bubbly" month for me. I would describe it more as survival. :) Why was I feeling less than joyful? Well there could be a number of reasons...lack of sunlight...lack of excercise...too much chocolate...too little sleep...turning "almost 40"...or all of the above?! :)

When I searched deeper, however, I discovered that my "lack of joy" was mostly from these crazy little voices that play over and over in my head. You know the ones I mean? The ones that tell us that we don't measure up...that we aren't good enough.

Enough already!!

Okay, so I'm going to attempt something new. I am going to try and sit down for a few minutes every day and write a few words about what I have to be joyful about.

I am also going to try and get out of my head and get into my body...get moving! My kids keep me busy...I am constantly moving, cleaning up after them...but how about taking time for ME to do what I walk down to the beach and savour the sunshine...the sparkly, snow-covered ice...the fresh air!

I know, this sounds like a list of New Year's resolutions...but they're not. I'm too intimidated by lists like that. Start simple, and go from there...that's what works best for me.

One thing that has kept me (somewhat) sane through the winter months has been my crafting. I have been having so much fun being creative!! I dusted off my sewing machine and knitting and crochet needles and have started just "making stuff". My daughters (ages 10 and 12) love to get in on the action, whether it be by sewing, ironing, crocheting, or by "attaching doll hair" (a very time-consuming process). Time well spent and so much fun!

Here's one of my cutie's that I (we) recently finished!

Doesn't she just exude joy? :)

How do you find JOY in your life? I'm curious to hear.