Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sophia my girl.

Our little place on the banks of the Madawaska River.
We lived in a small wooden cabin, nestled in the pines. It didn't take much to keep that place cozy. A small cookstove stood in the space between the kitchen and living room. It's small firebox meant it had to be stoked up sometimes hourly in the colder weather. There was a plentiful supply of scraps from the local lumber mill stacked up against the side of the cabin, from which to draw from.

There were six of us then. Felicity was 6 years old, with a toothless grin, Christian was 3 years old with such fun loving ways, little helpful Sabby with his bowl cut was a year and a half. Your dad and I eagerly waited for your birth. It seemed like you weren't in to much of a hurry to venture forth from the warm, snugness of mommy's belly.  Maybe it was the perpetual noise and craziness of that family who so very much wanted to greet you...maybe it was the comfort of mama's heartbeat. For whatever reason, you situated yourself comfortably, as if resting in a hammock and kicked back and relaxed. We had a midwife try and turn you...but no way no how you were going to stay upside down in that awkward position for very long.

Labour began one dark night of of the coldest nights of the year. It was January 31st, 1999. With the heater broken in our old Suburban, dad and I shivered all the way to the Pembroke hospital an hour and half away. Only to have them question me..."are you sure you are in labour"? Apparently the contractions that were only minutes apart had slowed remarkably. So we ventured out the local mall, and walked and shopped for last minute necessities, including a "good camera" that would fully capture this big event. I paused during the contractions and leaned into the glass counter. The sales person was quite shocked to learn why I did so.

Back to the hospital we went, hoping for some better news. Labour had picked up. I was 8 cm dilated. We started to become very excited. Upon further investigation, however, they discovered that what they thought was your head was, in fact, your elbow. Our hearts sank. Things started to move in fast forward. An emergency C-section would be necessary. An IV was put in...and things started to fade.

The next thing I knew, there you were next to me with your perfect little round head, covered in soft downy hair. With your blue eyes, petal pink skin, and perfect rosebud mouth...and I felt pure JOY.

We named you Sophia Maryrose.

A few days later we brought you home to kisses and snuggles all round.  And our home was filled with  the warmth of love multiplied.

Felicity is ecstatic to finally have a baby sister!

What a loving big brother Christian is.

A precious moment to pause and savour.

Here's a poem I wrote for you, dear daughter...

Wide-eyed beauty.
Soft as a lamb
Yet strong as a lion.
Sophia this past summer.
Yet heartstrings tied.

Osh Kosh overalls, workboots
And grass-stained knees.
Smocked dresses, tea parties,
And lipstick smile.

Climbing trees, fishing off the dock,
And mudpies in the sandbox.
Ballet slippers, sparkles
And Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Bridge jumping, snowboarding,
And hockey skates.
Playing guitar, singing like a bird,
And baking with baby sister.

A spunky gal,
With a pure heart of gold.
May wisdom find you
And may God's light
Always shine brightly
Through you, on all you meet.

I love you my girl.



  1. A beautiful tribute. And I giggled a bit at the mall part - I did the same thing in 1997. And 2003. :-)

    1. I think the sales lady thought me a bit odd, until we explained...well maybe she thought me even odder then!

  2. So lovely, Becky. I laboured in a coffee shop in Peterborough with Madeleine where we took a break from our walk all over town trying to induce labour. The looks you get while doing such things is pretty hilarious!

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