Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along - knitting the Lanesplitter

 I am joining Ginny today at Small Things for her weekly Yarn Along. Here is what is in my knitting basket today...the Lanesplitter skirt!

I was diddling around on Twitter one day a couple of weeks ago and came upon a tweet that read something like this "catching on like wildfire...the Lanesplitter skirt"...or something to that effect. I clicked on the link which took me to this FREE pattern on Ravelry. I instantly fell in LOVE. I just had to make that exact skirt.

So I started browsing around on Etsy to try and find the Noro yarn I needed and came upon this fabulous shop colesier, where I found the exact yarn I was looking for, and at a very reasonable price. The yarn arrived in the mail a week later and I immediately cast on. It is a very simple pattern, actually, but the results are simply stunning!  I'm thinking ahead to the fall...with leggings...I think it will be very cute!

Lanesplitter Skirt

Now as to the book I am reading, "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross. I know, I know, it may look more "work related" than "for pleasure"...but believe me this book is not only informational...but truly inspirational. It is filled with gorgeous pictures more than 40 different sewing projects, includes well-written instructions and diagrams,  and even has the patterns tucked into a pocket inside the back cover! :)

Here are the two projects I think I'll try first..

Flower Girl Dress

Summer Blouse

Aren't they sweet?


  1. That skirt is great! Can't wait to see it finished. I do love that HR book too. I have been eying that flower girl dress for my 7yod.

  2. That skirt is so you!! Also, so your sister who is my dearest know who! The colours, the style...amazing. Love it! I'm also loving that flower girl brother's getting married this summer. Wondering it I could trace the pattern on newspaper for my girlies??

  3. hello, friend:) so glad to have met you:) I am loving that skirt, too.....I may have to add it to my list:) so nice to meet you:)

  4. Cute skirt! It would take ma years to make that, I am such a slow knitter! ;)

  5. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone! I think it will be a fun thing for the fall. Stephanie...I, too, have been thinking of that same sister of mine and how much this skirt would suit her. Hmm...maybe I'll have to make two! It is knitting up really fast, actually, cabin + cub. It looks more complicated than it is!

    Stephanie, I would be happy to pass the book on to you. I have it out through interlibrary not sure how that works. :) I will be tracing the pattern out, though, so you are welcome to trace mine sometime. :)

  6. The skirt, I am SO going to make the skirt! Will that be weird? Oh dear, could you imagine all 3 of us showing up at the same place wearing the same knit skirt?! Okay, I'll have to reconsider. But WOW, is it ever gorgeous!!!!

    I'm loving that summer blouse too...

  7. I too have the Weekend sewing book as a gift. Looked through it and thought, yea, it's not really me. Well, I've seen many a thing from there!
    I've sewn the shirt twice with major adjustments to the pattern. And I'm going to tweak it even more the next time. I would try it out in a muslin first if I were you... the body part, not the sleeves, although, they are very long, easy to fix. and I found the shirt a little too short and wide for my taste and body shape. Whip up a body muslin first for sure. The rather large weekend bag is also a favorite of mine.

  8. What a gorgeous skirt! Love the colours. That'll be just the thing to wear whenever you want to be extra comfy or need a cheer up (from the bright colours). Off to check the ravelry link. Thanks for sharing.

  9. No, no, it would NOT be weird W-S Wanderings! It would be so much fun to show up somewhere dressed alike! No worries on my part. It is really fun to knit up! Go for it! :)

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  11. Thanks for the "heads up" on that shirt pattern, Amanda. I definitely will make a "mock up" first, if I do decide to try it. Yeah, I looked it over and most of it isn't really my style either...but it's beautifully photographed, and a source of inspiration, for sure! I've cut out the Flower Girl Dress...really amazed at the simplicity of it. There's no zipper, or buttons not sure how that works. I guess it just slips over the head.

  12. Yes, Heather, it will be perfect for those fall days, when the days are getting shorter! The only thing that makes me nervous is that it is made from 100% wool, and I am so bad with woolens. Oh well, if it gets felted, it will probably fit one of my girls! :)