Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Blog?

I love the idea of having a blog...but do I actually want to blog, and if so, why? Hmmm...well I LOVE to read blogs. I can spend hours on other people's blog, getting new ideas for crafts, perusing tutorials, reading about their life...being inspired by their words...but do I really want one of my own? I like the idea...but what about the reality of actually having one.

My daughter came up to me not too long ago, while I was creeping one of my friends' facebook page and she said..."do you ever comment, or post things on your own page?" I said "no, not really". She said "why not?"..."what's the point of being on facebook, then?" I said "I don't post stuff because I don't think people really care about what is going on with me." She looked puzzled and said that's crazy, and I was wrong (she's 17...what does she know?)

I did some thinking, though...and I think she's right. People do care. I they must, too. Why am I so hesitant to hit that keyboard. Maybe I'm afraid of people knowing who I really am...of them analyzing my life and judging me.

Thankfully, in my 30's I have started to care less and less about what people think about me...and care more about who I am...who I want to be. I've decided that it is time to break away from my old self...and take a new start to open my self up more...because in doing so, I will be able to discover more who Becky really is...and who she wants to be, and also to connect more with people on a deeper level.

So yeah, I've decided to take the plunge. Yikes. What do I expect to come from this? Well, I have hopes that by writing stuff, I will be able to learn to understand myself better. Also, with a large family and lots going on, it's hard to remember to take time for me. Hopefully this blog will help me to slow down, to savour, to really look at my grow and learn, and make some new friends along the way...friends that are in the same place as me...ready to branch reach out and be REAL!


  1. Beautiful words...
    You inspire me greatly in my life and I feel you could inspire many others with the woman you are, the way you live your life and your crafty brilliance!
    I am with you sis ~ branching out and being real ~ scary stuff but helps us feel connected, validated and true to ourselves in this big, crazy, wonderful world.
    I look forward to joining you on this journey.

  2. Welcome Becky! I'm thrilled beyond belief.